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webmaste Oct 21 '19

Lottery funding for this event has failed  - Not sure where we are with it - 22 Oct 19

This is a page for collaboration on Heartlands 2020.  The event page is here - Heartlands 2020 event.

The  Hill 112 battle scenario is here - Hill 112 battle plan

Attendees list here - Attendees

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webmaste Oct 22 '19
Here's today's email - We all need to think about what we want - 

Thanks so much for your email - it arrived just as I was thinking of you and the event! Since we met earlier this year, Sean (previous CEO) at Heartlands has left - an interim CEO - then a long process appointing his successor. 

In the midst of all this, our bid for Heritage Lottery funding very sadly failed! Thank you so much for your letter of support but it seems that their priorities have changed and they want to focus much more on things like training volunteers in gathering history (oral history etc.) rather than events. Which is a huge shame, I must say.

However - the good news is that the brand new Chief Exec at Heartlands, Wendy Robinson, is very keen to go ahead with the re-enactment weekend (though Bridging Arts won't be able to stage the exhibition/talks etc. )

 I think it's been a pretty tumultuous time at Heartlands but I have managed to talk to her about the plans. She is going to email you asap. (am afraid I couldn't find a mobile number for you, I think we always communicated via email?)

In case you need it, her email is Wendy.Robinson@heartlandscornwall.com

It will be brilliant, am sure.  Am sorry Bridging Arts won't be working with you all!

All good wishes - 


Susan Roberts



T: 07772 128 014     
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davec_24 Member
davec_24 Oct 24 '19
Well it's a local event for me, so I'll be happy to go along and do a battle if there will still be one going on but would likely still attend if not. In any case, space to put out a display of kit in the usual fashion would be good. 
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webmaste Oct 24 '19
Great Dave thanks.
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