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webmaste Oct 21 '16
1.  We are 12 months down the road of no WWIIRESW forum.  People are directed to the WWIIRESW FB group.

2.  I think we do need a forum and here is why -

a.  Numerous individuals and groups comprise WWIIRESW and they all exist in Facebook, but no-one has any idea who they are or how to contact them, because they are not listed under a WWIIRESW umbrella.  Frankly, if we are not an umbrella group, then we are nothing.

b.  WWIIRESW is an established brand -  For example we are associated with 3rd battalion 506th pir.  If you put that into Google , one of the top links is in the Oxwall forum!  Interestingly,  even above their own website!  This because our website is active.  Single groups are less so.  It means that any SW group associated with us gets a higher profile AND so does wwiiresw!

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1stPanzer Admin
1stPanzer Oct 26 '16
I prefer this than facebook for various reasons, the main one being this means I don't have to use facebook!
Shvakova Admin
Shvakova Oct 26 '16
Me too, I am not and never will be a Facebook user so was left out in the cold when the majority decided FB was the way to go. Why should I join Facebook when we can talk here? A forum here is good because you can see previous threads and gain information all in one place with like minded people.
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webmaste Admin
webmaste Oct 26 '16
We need to work at convincing more admins. Karl is on-side, need to work on Steve and Liz.  I don't know if you have seen the all new website at - http://wwiireenactmentsouthwest.co.uk/index.html

There are links to this forum.  I think we need this option.  We have no way of sharing on FB like we can here and who cares how many join it or not!?


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