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webmaste Oct 23 '13
You may have noticed a buy/sell option loaded.  It was 1 suggestion in the poll recently.  We have a buy/sell section on SG2, I'll try and explain the difference with this:

a.  It is purpose built software for adverts (Noah's classifieds)

b.  It can be integrated with the web site and forum - experimental set up at - ; View on the internet at: ; (that page can be integrated into the web site theme, just as it is in the Oxwall forum theme.

c.  Anyone registered can add an advert, non-registered can view the adverts.  It means it could be shared anywhere and only those registered can add information.

d.  We can add a Category which is limited or we can change any category from public to restricted view too.

e.  You can add photos to it too.  You can't on the SG2 page.
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