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webmaste Oct 4 '13
Perhaps over the winter we need to think about strategy?  Do we stay the same? do different things?  I've suggested things below.

My feeling is that after the initial flush of people over 2 years ago, there has been a lot of drifting away since.  People have drifted away for all sorts of reasons.  The first Taunton saw about 3/4 of the re-enactors there having some connection with WWIIRESW.  Perhaps many would say they are associated today, but if they are, they aren't using the SG2 forum.  Perhaps they use FB.

What do we believe we are here for at the moment?

a.  Event communication over the South West?

b.  Enabling more people to know about any event in the south west and improve attendance ?

c.  Organising or being closely involved (where possible) with events in the south west to encourage the WWII aspects?

d.  Destruction of the SWBG, was a function of WWIIRESW, but that is complete and the SW is better for it.


i.  Provide insurance? 

ii.  Have an income?

iii.  Get more people back onto the forum?

iv.  Get more people to join?

I think perhaps this has been suggested in the past; but, if an event is attended by WWIIRESW as a group, would it not be reasonable to charge the event host a fee of some description?

Maybe the monies could go towards one of several things, for example:-

a) To cover costs of 'consumables' such as display equipment; ropes/pickets; signage; food stuffs for participants etc.

b) To help those attending with fuel costs, (not cheap to travel these days)!

c) To go towards advertising the 'next' group event and producing flyers etc.!

Just a thought that's all!

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webmaste Dec 11 '16
I agree, but co-ordination can be a problem.  Many people won't commit until the last minute and fees are offered by people like English Heritage who want a contract.  They offer a fee for Pendennis next year,  but it's mid-week and few can commit. -
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1stPanzer Dec 12 '16
I know other groups who charge a fee for attending shows but would it stop attendance of certain smaller shows that don't charge an entry fee and are giving proceeds to charity? 

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webmaste Dec 12 '16
I think for the smaller, tighter unit, that might work, but we are a lose band of ragamuffins.
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1stPanzer Dec 12 '16
Yes that we are!
Lucky Member
Lucky Dec 18 '16
I think we need to get people back onto the forum, yes Facebook has the reach but the level of interaction has somewhat dwindled, likes and shares are great for spreading the information but actual correspondence is yet to show in my view, 

I'd love to see RESW host an event in the heart of the SW at a place we can call our home if you will, somewhere with plenty of space, somewhere historical and most important somewhere central but not too far for the majority of military vehicle owners to travel to,


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webmaste Dec 18 '16
Karl,  I agree.  There are not many who interact and I suppose that's fair enough.  Many enjoy the hobby without feeling they have to say anything.  Facebook, Google+, email  newsletter, and Twitter ( yes we're on all of them) are great transmission tools.


A location is important.  It will always be someone else's venue, and that's fine.  I've always felt that, for Cornwall, Davidstow is central and historic.  Next year we are working with Helston Railway to do a 40's event ( not very central),  Upottery is great for many ( though not so easy for me),  RAF  Harrowbeer too.  We are lucky to have these friendly venues.

Violet Free
Violet Jan 5 '18
I have just joined having moved to South Wales and reading through the posts. Myself and my partner are reenactors and want to attend and become involved with 1940s events in Wales and South West.
We choose not to be on FB and Twitter so probably miss out on some info but that’s fine. I have noticed a lack of interaction on this group ‘s forum as guessing people are using FB etc. It is a shame really. I know this would now be my main form of communication with local re-enactment community in this region.
Just my thoughts!
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webmaste Jan 5 '18

Yes, Facebook has taken the place of a once thriving forum back in 2011 to 2013.  Facebook has its issues.  Those with accounts can use the share buttons bottom left to show topics here in various social media.  I do it regularly.

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