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A typical conversation:

"Oh so you play the Germans! Eeek, why?"

"Well we like the weaponry, the hardware and the chance to educate people about the Waffen SS"

"Really? But are you sure, is it not just the uniforms!?!"


What can I say? We get plenty of comments from the public about 'the uniforms', and Simon does get asked many times for photos (including a lovely old lady in a wheelchair!), and sometimes even slightly propositioned! I dread to think how much he populates the internet, and a quick search using 'officer, SS, motorbike" brings up yours truly, or indeed him indoors.

But on to the serious stuff - we have talked with many veterans at shows, and to date not one has been offput by our acting 'The Enemy'. Indeed, they ask us many questions, and also give us their unbelievably incredible stories, which we have listened to avidly. I was always concerned about the veterans, as both of us want to show the most utter respect at all times, and be grateful for their sacrifice.

At a show in August, we were invited to take part in the Remembrance Service, so we duly did not wear headgear and stood to attention at the correct times, avidly singing the hymns. We gave respect, and gladly received a little back.

So the question is, who is it that we do 'get flak' off? To date, it has been one isolated case of a group of school kids booing us every time we rode past on Bertha (our combo).

Well, to be honest, I think we can let them have that one - particularly as the school posted photos of the kids climbing all over Bertha on Twitter.

Rose, 1st Panzer.

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